First week : discovering & initiation

Finally, I walk for the first time in the American’s floor. First step : find a cab. I’m looking for it few minutes then I ask randomly to one of them, he told me to go in the head of the line. I had just from leaving, he opened his window, stuck his head out and yelled “WELCOME TO AMERICA !”. Well !

I finally took my cab, the driver was very nice, but when we was arrived, he asked me $65 for 30 minutes. Suddenly, he wasn’t nice at all anyomore.

First night in the hostel, I hurry to the first restaurant that I can find : a pizzeria. First mistake, I asked a medium size. Don’t do that, ever. I learnt here that the “medium” size for the pizzas are actually a 48-people-size. Argh.

I’m so exhausted, so I go directly to my bed. The next day, I spent all my day to install my appartment : furnitures, luggages… It’s very sunny : 91°F.

So, I’m in my appartment in my residence ! I’ll not tell the administratives procedures, becauses it’s very boring.

IMG_20150610_120646  IMG_20150610_110851

My fridge is empty, time to go to the WalMart. I expected fat guys everywhere, but not ! Where are my stereotypes ? It’s pretty hard to find food without fat, but at least they have Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. Just for that, that’s worth it to go in America, baby.

IMG_20150611_165044  IMG_20150611_090336

When I went out, big surprise : a woman in car offered me to give me a drive to my appartment to help me with my bags. I never saw that in France, wow.

Well, I’m ready now for my first work day tomorrow !

First week : discovering & initiation

Departure day

Let me tell you a story about a young guy discovering America.

This guy, is me.

Sébastien Ferrer, 22 years old, live in Paris suburb. During my life, I traveled in some countries for holidays, but never alone, and never for a job. I’m an apprentice since 3 years now in a telecomunications company and in an engineer school since 2 years. To validate my degree, my school asked us to work in a foreign country.

This story is the story about me, a guy with a bullshit level in english but trying to learn during three months in the Ohio state of the United States of America.

So, this is the big departure day. I didn’t sleep so much, I woke up 30 minutes later than I planned, so I hurry.

1 hour of train later, luggages registering, and I quit my familyto go to customs. The first step is the biometric control, fingerprints, and go to the customs. I hate this step, every time I’ve to take of my belt, empty my bag, and refill it very quickly to not make the peoples wait. At least, we can feel in security.

Let’s go for the crazy trip of 7 hours and 30 minutes (wouhou !). Despite that, I spent 2 hours trying to sleep in relatively improbable positions, but apart a fracture of the spine I’ve not succeeded so much, so I’m annoyed for 7 hours (but you have to admit that the descent by flying over New York, it rocks !).

New York baby !  2015-06-09 17.23.20

Departure day