First week : discovering & initiation

Finally, I walk for the first time in the American’s floor. First step : find a cab. I’m looking for it few minutes then I ask randomly to one of them, he told me to go in the head of the line. I had just from leaving, he opened his window, stuck his head out and yelled “WELCOME TO AMERICA !”. Well !

I finally took my cab, the driver was very nice, but when we was arrived, he asked me $65 for 30 minutes. Suddenly, he wasn’t nice at all anyomore.

First night in the hostel, I hurry to the first restaurant that I can find : a pizzeria. First mistake, I asked a medium size. Don’t do that, ever. I learnt here that the “medium” size for the pizzas are actually a 48-people-size. Argh.

I’m so exhausted, so I go directly to my bed. The next day, I spent all my day to install my appartment : furnitures, luggages… It’s very sunny : 91°F.

So, I’m in my appartment in my residence ! I’ll not tell the administratives procedures, becauses it’s very boring.

IMG_20150610_120646  IMG_20150610_110851

My fridge is empty, time to go to the WalMart. I expected fat guys everywhere, but not ! Where are my stereotypes ? It’s pretty hard to find food without fat, but at least they have Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. Just for that, that’s worth it to go in America, baby.

IMG_20150611_165044  IMG_20150611_090336

When I went out, big surprise : a woman in car offered me to give me a drive to my appartment to help me with my bags. I never saw that in France, wow.

Well, I’m ready now for my first work day tomorrow !

First week : discovering & initiation

2 thoughts on “First week : discovering & initiation

  1. You had chance to have a sunny for your first day in America, 91°F it was enjoyable !! But 65$ for only 30 minutes it’s more expensive !!
    WalMart, it’s the same thing that a “Carrefour” in france or it’s bigger ?


  2. Ahah don’t worry, for the way back I used Uber and I spent only 30 bucks !
    WalMart is bigger than Carrefour, in my opinion the best comparison is Cora. You can find here absolutely anything you want (and it’s sometimes hard to find something) !


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