How to eat in America ?

Approximatively to the half of my trip, an American friend asked me : “Hem… I’m afraid to ask that question, but… What do you think about our food?”. I was amused, bu I answered : “No that bad than I expected”.

Okay so now, try to project yourself in my position : you have no car so you can’t go in many different places and too far, you’re here for 3 month, what do you do ?

At the beginning, you can eat some already prepared food like ramens or easy other stuff, but quickly you have to find real food and vary your meals with a very limited choice as much as possible.

Constraint : no frozen plates (because you can’t bring them to your appartment quickly enough), and no canned food. Why  ? Because if you try to eat a canned food from the WalMart, you’ll fell the worst taste you’ve never tasted before, and you’ll have only 0.02% chances to survive.

Fortunately, there is many kinds of meat and vegetables, but you have to select : at the opposite of us, they are very stronger for the minced meat. You have to know that is not common at all to cook in America : most of people buy food by delivery.









So prepare yourself to cook your hamburgers, hot-dogs, bolognese noodles, chicken rice, and you’ll become a true ‘murican !

And again, to be able to find Dr Pepper bottles easily, it’s freakin’ cool.IMG_20150804_212430

How to eat in America ?

Discovery of the Walmart


Now, let me talk about the Walmart. This shop center is very big, you can find absolutely everything. In my opinion, if you want to know the equivalent in France, the best comparison is probably Cora.

But you already know the France’s shop centers, so nobody here cares about them, we are here right now to talk about the specific aspects of the Walmart.

First, the random access shopping : all is tidy… Almost. Yeah, almost because it’s like the employees spent their time to sort all the items, but they forgot some of them so they tried to put them where they can find place. That’s just a feeling, but for example, you can find in the same place tooth paste, soap, shower gel, but the shampoo can be totally in the opposite in the shop center, that’s nonsense. You can sometimes spend 20 minutes to find a stupid dishwashing liquid (true story).

Then, the best part : all the medicaments are totally in free access without doctor prescription. When you’re from France, that’s very weird and fun.


Some people (especially the old ones) are in automatic machines they can drive to shop without effort.

Last point : you know how we care about ecology in France ? In the USA, they do the same thing, but the opposite (so not the same thing at all actually). When you go for your weekly shop, you come back with 1000 plasic bags. And the surprising thing, the employees fill them for you and they don’t let you fill yourself : that’s their job. Embarassing, but convenient.

That’s all for today folks, next time you’ll discover how to eat in America !

Discovery of the Walmart

Independance Day !

Let’s go directly to the July 3th for the Independance Day.

Actually, the Independance day is the July 4th, but in USA, we celebrate the night between 3th and 4th in all the capital cities, and the next day for the suburbs.

The party to celebrate the Independance Day is the “Red, White and Boom!”, and is famous for the tons of people, and the hudge fireworks. Indeed, it was pretty awesome.IMG_20150703_222426  IMG_20150703_222442

I went 1 hour earlier to visit the city and I took a break to a Subway (not the trains, the restaurant with the shitty sandwiches). I saw policemen in horse, funny.


I can’t believe I was able to find a good place in a stair, I was lucky. At least more lucky than the people lying in the puddles with their beach towels (it’s so sad ahah).

It’s the night, the music comes with a blasted-overflow-powerfulled-basterd sound, it’s really like a night club but with 10 000 people in all the city center. If you want to go to pee, too bad, you’re dead.


The fireworks began and it was pretty great. The party continues all the night, and at the end I took a Uber. Nobody can Imagine how it’s so hard to find your Uber in this traffic jam of hell. I spent 45 minutes to find him. Fortunately I was with him in the phone.

It was a cool night !

Thank you Mickael !

Independance Day !