Independance Day !

Let’s go directly to the July 3th for the Independance Day.

Actually, the Independance day is the July 4th, but in USA, we celebrate the night between 3th and 4th in all the capital cities, and the next day for the suburbs.

The party to celebrate the Independance Day is the “Red, White and Boom!”, and is famous for the tons of people, and the hudge fireworks. Indeed, it was pretty awesome.IMG_20150703_222426  IMG_20150703_222442

I went 1 hour earlier to visit the city and I took a break to a Subway (not the trains, the restaurant with the shitty sandwiches). I saw policemen in horse, funny.


I can’t believe I was able to find a good place in a stair, I was lucky. At least more lucky than the people lying in the puddles with their beach towels (it’s so sad ahah).

It’s the night, the music comes with a blasted-overflow-powerfulled-basterd sound, it’s really like a night club but with 10 000 people in all the city center. If you want to go to pee, too bad, you’re dead.


The fireworks began and it was pretty great. The party continues all the night, and at the end I took a Uber. Nobody can Imagine how it’s so hard to find your Uber in this traffic jam of hell. I spent 45 minutes to find him. Fortunately I was with him in the phone.

It was a cool night !

Thank you Mickael !

Independance Day !

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