How to eat in America ?

Approximatively to the half of my trip, an American friend asked me : “Hem… I’m afraid to ask that question, but… What do you think about our food?”. I was amused, bu I answered : “No that bad than I expected”.

Okay so now, try to project yourself in my position : you have no car so you can’t go in many different places and too far, you’re here for 3 month, what do you do ?

At the beginning, you can eat some already prepared food like ramens or easy other stuff, but quickly you have to find real food and vary your meals with a very limited choice as much as possible.

Constraint : no frozen plates (because you can’t bring them to your appartment quickly enough), and no canned food. Why  ? Because if you try to eat a canned food from the WalMart, you’ll fell the worst taste you’ve never tasted before, and you’ll have only 0.02% chances to survive.

Fortunately, there is many kinds of meat and vegetables, but you have to select : at the opposite of us, they are very stronger for the minced meat. You have to know that is not common at all to cook in America : most of people buy food by delivery.









So prepare yourself to cook your hamburgers, hot-dogs, bolognese noodles, chicken rice, and you’ll become a true ‘murican !

And again, to be able to find Dr Pepper bottles easily, it’s freakin’ cool.IMG_20150804_212430

How to eat in America ?

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