Meet groups with Meetup

Two weeks after my arrival, I still almost had no friends to hang out. My boss said to me “Do you know Meetup ? You should take a look at it, it could help you”.

I came to the website and I discovered the concept : it’s a social network to meet new people around themes, for example the classics like chill out groups, writers/readers groups, or groups to practise a language, and there is too some specials groups around eccentric themes. You can find absolutely all king of groups here.

You can search by proximity like the events closest to you or by themes (geek, reading, sport). You can subscribe to agroup a introduce yourself explaining your tastes to create a first contact to the members.

The mentality of Meetup is to be totally open to new people, and to like to discover them. You’ll guess that later, but I met the main part of my American friends due to this website, because you keep in touch with the guys which whom you symphatized more and hang out with them outside the meetups, and finally you’re able to create your own network. I totally recommend this website if you come to another country where you know nobody.

I found an event very soon, it was an outside cinema appointment, seemed fun, so I subcribed to the group and I decided to came, let’s go for my first meetup !

Thank you Tom !

Meet groups with Meetup

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