My first meetup – part 1

Okay, so it the day of mi first meetup !

It’s to 30 minutes driving from my appartment, I’ve no car, so a post the the wall of the group to ask if someone can help me. I’m luck, a girl living next to me accept to help me !

She take me after the work, it’s a thursday. I must remind you that I’m still a bullshit in english. The girl talk very quickly, and I’m barely able to understand 30% of she’s saying. I continue to smile and say “oh !”, or “hum-hum” to acquiesce, but trust me it’s not easy.

We’re at the meetup, yeah ! It was supposed to be an outside movie, but it’s raining so we meet anyway in a bar. I enter to the bar, everyone seems know each other, and I’m shitting in my pants.

“I’ll be the uninterresting french guy barely able to speack english, what the f* I’m doin’ here ?” wah the only thought coming in my mind.

I just came to introduce myself that the leader of the group said to me “oh, you’re the french guy, welcome !”, I shake hand with everybody, and start to talk with two people. They are so cools, they try to understand me and to be understandable, I’m not scared anymore. The evening begin.

My first meetup – part 1

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