My first meetup – part 2

Throughout the conversation, I start to learn about me guys I’m talking, and we talk about the culture difference between our countrys (yeah it’s so basic, but we had to start by something).

It’s interesting because I can learn some advices to live in USA, so it’s cool. I took a look to the menu, and I didn’t know any of these beer brands. The girl next to me adviced me her belgium beer, the Fattire. Very good, I immediatly ordered a pint of it.

I talk to many peoples, and 2 hours later we come to the underground : a very big games room. This is the theme of this bar, the KDB : you buy some tokens to play, and you go to the machines with your friends.

It’s like the French ones, but bigger and with more choice : driving simulations, air hockey, basketball stand, and many kind of funny games to play with peoples.

We played and talked all the evening, I made contacts, it was my first evening shared with americans, at the half of it I totally forgot that I spoke english, it was a very good feeling.

The warm welcome and the friendly mentality was so nice, I immediatly knew that I would be able to make cool connections to spend good times during my trip.

Thank you Tinyacos !

My first meetup – part 2

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