PHP dev Meetup – Let’s learn !

Because chillin’ out isn’t the only way to have fun, I thought it could be cool to subscribe to a dev group, and fortunately there was a PHP group (le language which I work), and the principle is simple : one guy of the group submit a proposal to present a mini conference explaining a technology we should know.


Very friendly group, the purpose is to learn something new and interesting around a beer and a pizza. As I was new, they offered me some pizza, so I let you see a picture of it. If you dont want to watch it because you think is uninteresting, I don’t care 🙂


The conference was about Twilio, a PHP technology to take phone calls with HTTP protocol. To sum up very briefly, you can take call to a friend’s phone using a web application, it’s so fun. or your culture, Uber use it for his web and Android application.

At the end of the presentation he showed us a demonstration calling us in our smartphones, without and wth videos. He even offered us freakin’ cool T-thirts.

I really love this way to learn interesting things having cool time, because after we talk about our activity and it can give some cool ideas !

Thank you George !

PHP dev Meetup – Let’s learn !

4 thoughts on “PHP dev Meetup – Let’s learn !

  1. Raccoon says:

    I recognize your mouse next to the pizza !!
    But that technology seems to be very interesting ! Did you try to use it in one of your personal projects ?


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