The French Bakery : Some French Culture In USA !

One day, a co-worker said to me : “Hey? What if I show you a French place to eat today? It’s a French Bakery!”.

Do you know what is very known concerning France is US? The bakerys, and that’s why in addition of the French restaurants you can see French bakerys too. That was very fun, for one reason : welcome to “Cliché”  Land!

This place wasn’t French at all, but it was very fun so enter to this palce and see how Americans see us. I just opened the door and I heard : “C’est pas l’homme qui prend la mer, c’est la mer qui prend l’homme, tatatin !”.

“- What, that’s the kind of music you listen in France, no?” Asked my colleague, and in answered “Yeah, but… Not since a very long time…”.

Bottles of wine and “baguette” breads everywhere, youhou! I make fun of this place because it’s funny, but it’s a very nice place and I warmly recommend it. Although the sandwiches wasn’t typically French at all, they was delicious, so if one day you go to the Columbus area in Ohio, don’t miss that! It let you make your own judgement :

The next time I came I heard “Je n’suis paaas, un héééros!”. It’s like I opened the door of the past, it’s very funny.

Thank you Abdy !


The French Bakery : Some French Culture In USA !

4 thoughts on “The French Bakery : Some French Culture In USA !

  1. Raccoon says:

    You say that there was many french “clichés” in this place, can you tell me others ? That seem fun
    When I went to the U.S, I didn’t find a place like this one


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