American Fair

Every summer in the USA, it’s the American Fair ! It’s a very popular tradition, it lasts one week and it’s always in the summer in the main citys of each states. This year, in Columbus, it was from the August 3th, and I came the first day.

To enter, it’s the same procedure than the airport customs : all metallic stuff in baskets and take off your shoes, they are very careful about the safety.

Just one thing to say : awesome. Great atmosphere, very lively, and a lot to do and to see. First thing of this tradition : food, food, and food. Everywhere you walk you find food all around you, and it’s almost always fried : fried cheese, chicken, meat, and even fried cakes ! Pretty good by the way.

Then, you can just walk around to visit and see all the animations. Also, there is a place like the Agricultural Center in France, where you can see raising sheep, cattle and various animals. Another funny thing typical to this custom : the butter sculptures. They’re man-sized so pretty talls, and exposeds behind a glass at 46°F (fridge temperature).

At the sunset you can see all the structures lighted with many colorsn it’s pretty nice. Nice day !

Thank you Cecelia & Eddie !

American Fair

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