The Old North Arcade

During my trip I went to many bars, but I have to tell you one of my favorites : the Old North Arcade. It was very recent because it opened two weeks before I came in USA, and the concept is very simple : arcades all around the room in totally free play, to drink a beer and enjoy it playing in the classic old games : Mortal Kombat II & III, Centiped, Marvel VS Capcom, Asteroids, and many others.

That was fun to follow the evolution of this new bar, because 1 month later they bought two gamecubes and two Nintendo 64 stuck in the walls and plugged to TVs with Mario Kart and Smash Bros, both in N64 and Gamecube versions.

Even if you come with friends, you can just sit in the table and say “hey, wanna play?”, and let’s go. The drinks wasn’t even expensives, so I just loved to come in this bar. I liked too the funny puns with the cocktails names, like “Ocarina Of Lime”, or “Koopa Libre”. And if you’re a warrior, you can try their “Fatality” hand-crafted bloody mary, with the “Finish Him!” mention.

There was other bars like this one, like the “16 bit Cafe”, so if you want to have a blast, don’t hesitate to visit !

Thank you Tinyacos !

The Old North Arcade

10 thoughts on “The Old North Arcade

  1. Raccoon says:

    Ahah great ! Did you try the root beer cocktail ? Apparently it’s very typical in USA, and some people says it’s pretty weird when we don’t know it. Is it true ?


  2. Ahah I admit that seems weird, and I would never buy it if someone else didn’t let me taste before, but surprisingly, it was not bad at all !
    It’s like a gaspacho with vodka 😉
    When you drink it you’ve almost as to eat as to drink ahah


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