The Monday of my tenth week, one of my bests American friends said to me “hey, I’ve something very cool to show you!”, it was my first open-area theater experience.

The drama is called “Tecumseh!”, and it’s a freakin’ cool show. It’s about one hour and a half driving from the south of Columbus, in a city with a unpronounceable name : Chillicothe. The story is about the epic life story of the legendary Shawnee leader as he struggles to defend his sacred homelands in the Ohio country during the late 1700’s.

Yeah, it’s not a happy show at all ahah. If I tell you about this drama, it’s because it’s a very unusual way to do a theater play : the company consists of approximatively fifty actors, and the means employed are huge : horses swimming in the lake to escape, fire dance with the indians, military march by the Americans with their rifles, very good actor performances, and amazing fights.

Two hours and a half of pressure with this impressive drama. It’s played since 1973 and many people in Ohio saw it at least one time.

This show is very known in Ohio and tell a part of the history of this state, so if you come in, don’t miss that !

Thank you Andrew !


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