Ethlyl & Tank

Today, I’m not gonna tell you about all the bars I went, but there’s another pretty cool : Ethyl & Tank.

This is another gaming-bar, but older, bigger and with food !

The good point is that the food and the drinks are cheaps, and you have a lot of space (two floors). Like the previous I shew you, this one have old arcade machines too. Some of them was broken but it was cool anyway.

The particularity here is that when you come in group, you can of course order a simple cocktail, but you better order liquor pitchers, so you share your cocktails with your friends, it’s friendly, and they are not commons cocktails.

The two we ordered was the “Bacardi dragon berry, peach shnapps, cranberry, 7UP, sour & grenadine”, and the “Jack Daniels honey, triple sec & pink lemonade” cocktails. I never saw cocktails like that before, and their taste was very special.

Concerning the food, only with the tacos for example, you have a large range of choice, I took a triple tacos : pulled pock, pulled chicken, and catfish tacos ! Yeah I know, I often talk about what I ate / drank during my trip. Maybe you don’t care at all about that, but it’s too late, because you just read it. Eheh.

Thank you Rudy !

Ethlyl & Tank

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