Air Balloons Festival

Today I’m gonna talk about the “Air balloons festival” in Marysville. It was the at the first week-end of August, all the afternoon and the evening.

This event is pretty famous, and it’s easy to guess that by the huge traffic-jam to go there, so long that we missed the beginning. It’s $10 to have the access, but we jumped the barrier at the back to go for free because we knew that we wouldn’t stay too long.

That was pretty awesome, there was a very big range of baloons : a whale, a shark, a birthday cake, an ice cream and even Yoda and Vader from Star Wars !


There were a ton of people and a rock band played all the afternoon. There were too a lot of food stands, but we hadn’t cash, and there’s a funny anecdote : the only ATM available was out of the festival, so we told to the food sellor that we lost our tickets, and he said “that’s weird, because there’s no ticket to entry, but wristbands”. Okay, it’s time to run away !

This event is once a year and very beautiful to see, with a good ambience, very friendly. One of the events you shouldn’t miss if you come in Columbus Ohio !

Thank you Cecelia !

Air Balloons Festival

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