Irish Festival – Part 1

Here’s one of my favourites days : the Irish Festival.

As a reminder, I lived in Dublin, just next to Columbus. If this city has he same same as the Ireland’s main city, it’s not a coincidence : these two citys are twins. That’s why the Ohio’s Dublin is very Ireland-themed, and the Irish Festival is the biggest and the most famous Event in this city.

It lasts the whole week-end, and I came sunday. If you come before noon, you can enter for free. But for that, you have to wake up before noon in the week-end, and… No, not for me.

When I came in, I was directly immersed in the Irish folklore : traditional musics, shows, and clothes. Everyone is dressed in green, and some with the traditional green plaid skirt. There is food everywhere, and beers, beers, beers !

The only one beer I already knew was the Guinness, but I’m not a pancake batter drinker… So I discovered the Coors, and that’s pretty good. Here, for foods and drinks, you can’t pay with money, you have to buy tokens ($2 each token, 3 tokens for a beer).

Food and drinks are affordable, but don’t try to buy some souvenirs, it’s like $50 for a wood stuff, it’s worst than the Apple Stores.

Irish Festival – Part 1

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