Irish Festival – Part 2

If you like the Irish music, you’ll be in heaven. I love Irish songs, from pipes to rock. There were concerts all the day, animals shows, traditional songs, and even a tap dance show (very good).

At one point I saw a place where a guy told us about all the history of Irish literature. I listened carefully. Just kidding, I ran away, It was boring, ahah.

The place is huge, you can walk for a long time before go right round.

I saw a place where they sold some “price-cutted” shirts, and as they were green with “Irish Festival Ohio” written in, I bought it. Due to that, when I’ll wear it in France, when some guys will ask me “Oh, you went in Ireland ?”, I’ll answer “No, in Ohio dude, because here too we have Dublin, shaka brah !”

Many people took pictures in front of two sculptures, one of them was a kind of stone with the same engraving as the stone in Ireland’s Irish Festival, and the other was a representation of the “Irish roots”. I took a picture of me in front of them, of course.

It was very sunny and hot all the day, so it was obviously one of my favourites memories of Ohio.

Thank you Cecelia !

Irish Festival – Part 2

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