Do you know the “Japan Expo” concept in France ? There’s the same in Columbus, it’s called the Matsuricon!

If you don’t know the concept, it’s an event that immerses you in the Japanese universe, but this one is especially for the mangas universe. I’m a big manga reader, so it’s a perfect event for me.

Instead of to be in only one huge warehouse like the Japan Expo, this one takes place in a very big building, and each places are in differents rooms, it’s like a three floors maze, pretty hard to find a specific place without a map.

First thing you can see there : cosplayers. Many cospayers. There’s no shame with the clothes in this place, because we’re all for the same reason! One of my best friends even cosplayed her dog ahah.

I saw a a manga drawing course using Photoshop, saber shop, and many kinds of cool items shop. I bought a shirt with a hedgehog crying with a “free hug” sign, because that makes me laugh.

I participated too to a charity tombola, and won the only one price : a cool scroll representing a cool manga I know.

At the end I saw a show made by the official American voices of very famous animes like Dragon Ball.

Cool event if you like Japan and mangas.

Thank you Wendy & Joe !


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