Early August, I joined a cool sport group to play my first dodgeball game! It was at the Tuttle Park, between Clintonville and downtown.


As it was my first game, they explained to me the rules : there are many balls, and you have to throw them to hit the opposite team.

But, a ball will be ruled “dead” after it hits any object, even another ball. Same thing if the ball is caught by another player, before or after hitting someone. That means that a dead ball can’t eliminate a player. A ball in the head doesn’t count.

In this game we rely o the integrity : it’s sometimes easy to lie and say that the ball didn’t hit you, but you have to be honest.

If someone catch a ball, you can allow two player of your team to come back in the game.

And, final rule, when three people remain on one side, the opposing team can cross the half-court line to get them out easier, but they can only throw from inside one of the two small circles. At least one foot has to be in the circle for a throw to count.

You have to run, catch, throw and avoid the balls all the time. It was exhausting, but freakin’ cool !

Thank you Columbus Sports & Social !


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