Tinyaco Picnic – Part 2: Quidditch!

During these games, some friends shew me an awful thing: the beansboozled box. This is a candy box, with 10 differents colors of candy, but for each color, you have two tastes: one good, and one worst than simply gross. For example, if you take the orange one, you can eat a peach candy, or a barf candy, and you can trust me, the imitation of the barf taste very realistic. Worst thing I ate in my whole life, so I decided : never again.

Okay, now let’s rewind few hours earlier, to my favorite part of this day, the quiditch game! Unless you live in another planet (in this case, how do you have internet?), you can’t don’t know the quidditch game from Harry Potter. The “in real life” version is a very funny game, playable with handcrafted goals and dodgeballs balls.

I was a Chaser: the Chasers have to take the Quaffle ball to score, but you have to avoid the Bludgers, balls threw bu the Beaters to prevent us to score: if they touch us, we have to release the Quaffle and come back to our own goals before to play again. The Keepers are the guardians of the goals.

During all the game, we’re allowed to use only one hand, because the other one is supposed to hold the broom.

Don’t forget the snitch! The snitch is a man with yellow clothes, he can run outside the playground with the two Seekers who have to catch the sock protruding from his sock.

This day was awesome, it was a pleasure to see these friends a last time before to leave, I’ll never forget them.


Thank you Tinyacos !

Tinyaco Picnic – Part 2: Quidditch!

5 thoughts on “Tinyaco Picnic – Part 2: Quidditch!

  1. Hi Seb!

    It seems that you were really happy in the US!

    Do you plan to visit your friends again? or do they plan to come and visit Paris? I think that it could be fun to make foreigners discover Paris!


    1. Yeah it was so awesome ^^
      I definitively plan to visit them again (they often ask me the question ahah), and to tell you the truth I’m currently looking for a job in US, but it will be very hard. We’ll see!


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