My first meetup – part 2

Throughout the conversation, I start to learn about me guys I’m talking, and we talk about the culture difference between our countrys (yeah it’s so basic, but we had to start by something).

It’s interesting because I can learn some advices to live in USA, so it’s cool. I took a look to the menu, and I didn’t know any of these beer brands. The girl next to me adviced me her belgium beer, the Fattire. Very good, I immediatly ordered a pint of it.

I talk to many peoples, and 2 hours later we come to the underground : a very big games room. This is the theme of this bar, the KDB : you buy some tokens to play, and you go to the machines with your friends.

It’s like the French ones, but bigger and with more choice : driving simulations, air hockey, basketball stand, and many kind of funny games to play with peoples.

We played and talked all the evening, I made contacts, it was my first evening shared with americans, at the half of it I totally forgot that I spoke english, it was a very good feeling.

The warm welcome and the friendly mentality was so nice, I immediatly knew that I would be able to make cool connections to spend good times during my trip.

Thank you Tinyacos !

My first meetup – part 2

My first meetup – part 1

Okay, so it the day of mi first meetup !

It’s to 30 minutes driving from my appartment, I’ve no car, so a post the the wall of the group to ask if someone can help me. I’m luck, a girl living next to me accept to help me !

She take me after the work, it’s a thursday. I must remind you that I’m still a bullshit in english. The girl talk very quickly, and I’m barely able to understand 30% of she’s saying. I continue to smile and say “oh !”, or “hum-hum” to acquiesce, but trust me it’s not easy.

We’re at the meetup, yeah ! It was supposed to be an outside movie, but it’s raining so we meet anyway in a bar. I enter to the bar, everyone seems know each other, and I’m shitting in my pants.

“I’ll be the uninterresting french guy barely able to speack english, what the f* I’m doin’ here ?” wah the only thought coming in my mind.

I just came to introduce myself that the leader of the group said to me “oh, you’re the french guy, welcome !”, I shake hand with everybody, and start to talk with two people. They are so cools, they try to understand me and to be understandable, I’m not scared anymore. The evening begin.

My first meetup – part 1

Meet groups with Meetup

Two weeks after my arrival, I still almost had no friends to hang out. My boss said to me “Do you know Meetup ? You should take a look at it, it could help you”.

I came to the website and I discovered the concept : it’s a social network to meet new people around themes, for example the classics like chill out groups, writers/readers groups, or groups to practise a language, and there is too some specials groups around eccentric themes. You can find absolutely all king of groups here.

You can search by proximity like the events closest to you or by themes (geek, reading, sport). You can subscribe to agroup a introduce yourself explaining your tastes to create a first contact to the members.

The mentality of Meetup is to be totally open to new people, and to like to discover them. You’ll guess that later, but I met the main part of my American friends due to this website, because you keep in touch with the guys which whom you symphatized more and hang out with them outside the meetups, and finally you’re able to create your own network. I totally recommend this website if you come to another country where you know nobody.

I found an event very soon, it was an outside cinema appointment, seemed fun, so I subcribed to the group and I decided to came, let’s go for my first meetup !

Thank you Tom !

Meet groups with Meetup

How to eat in America ?

Approximatively to the half of my trip, an American friend asked me : “Hem… I’m afraid to ask that question, but… What do you think about our food?”. I was amused, bu I answered : “No that bad than I expected”.

Okay so now, try to project yourself in my position : you have no car so you can’t go in many different places and too far, you’re here for 3 month, what do you do ?

At the beginning, you can eat some already prepared food like ramens or easy other stuff, but quickly you have to find real food and vary your meals with a very limited choice as much as possible.

Constraint : no frozen plates (because you can’t bring them to your appartment quickly enough), and no canned food. Why  ? Because if you try to eat a canned food from the WalMart, you’ll fell the worst taste you’ve never tasted before, and you’ll have only 0.02% chances to survive.

Fortunately, there is many kinds of meat and vegetables, but you have to select : at the opposite of us, they are very stronger for the minced meat. You have to know that is not common at all to cook in America : most of people buy food by delivery.









So prepare yourself to cook your hamburgers, hot-dogs, bolognese noodles, chicken rice, and you’ll become a true ‘murican !

And again, to be able to find Dr Pepper bottles easily, it’s freakin’ cool.IMG_20150804_212430

How to eat in America ?

Discovery of the Walmart


Now, let me talk about the Walmart. This shop center is very big, you can find absolutely everything. In my opinion, if you want to know the equivalent in France, the best comparison is probably Cora.

But you already know the France’s shop centers, so nobody here cares about them, we are here right now to talk about the specific aspects of the Walmart.

First, the random access shopping : all is tidy… Almost. Yeah, almost because it’s like the employees spent their time to sort all the items, but they forgot some of them so they tried to put them where they can find place. That’s just a feeling, but for example, you can find in the same place tooth paste, soap, shower gel, but the shampoo can be totally in the opposite in the shop center, that’s nonsense. You can sometimes spend 20 minutes to find a stupid dishwashing liquid (true story).

Then, the best part : all the medicaments are totally in free access without doctor prescription. When you’re from France, that’s very weird and fun.


Some people (especially the old ones) are in automatic machines they can drive to shop without effort.

Last point : you know how we care about ecology in France ? In the USA, they do the same thing, but the opposite (so not the same thing at all actually). When you go for your weekly shop, you come back with 1000 plasic bags. And the surprising thing, the employees fill them for you and they don’t let you fill yourself : that’s their job. Embarassing, but convenient.

That’s all for today folks, next time you’ll discover how to eat in America !

Discovery of the Walmart

Independance Day !

Let’s go directly to the July 3th for the Independance Day.

Actually, the Independance day is the July 4th, but in USA, we celebrate the night between 3th and 4th in all the capital cities, and the next day for the suburbs.

The party to celebrate the Independance Day is the “Red, White and Boom!”, and is famous for the tons of people, and the hudge fireworks. Indeed, it was pretty awesome.IMG_20150703_222426  IMG_20150703_222442

I went 1 hour earlier to visit the city and I took a break to a Subway (not the trains, the restaurant with the shitty sandwiches). I saw policemen in horse, funny.


I can’t believe I was able to find a good place in a stair, I was lucky. At least more lucky than the people lying in the puddles with their beach towels (it’s so sad ahah).

It’s the night, the music comes with a blasted-overflow-powerfulled-basterd sound, it’s really like a night club but with 10 000 people in all the city center. If you want to go to pee, too bad, you’re dead.


The fireworks began and it was pretty great. The party continues all the night, and at the end I took a Uber. Nobody can Imagine how it’s so hard to find your Uber in this traffic jam of hell. I spent 45 minutes to find him. Fortunately I was with him in the phone.

It was a cool night !

Thank you Mickael !

Independance Day !

First week : discovering & initiation

Finally, I walk for the first time in the American’s floor. First step : find a cab. I’m looking for it few minutes then I ask randomly to one of them, he told me to go in the head of the line. I had just from leaving, he opened his window, stuck his head out and yelled “WELCOME TO AMERICA !”. Well !

I finally took my cab, the driver was very nice, but when we was arrived, he asked me $65 for 30 minutes. Suddenly, he wasn’t nice at all anyomore.

First night in the hostel, I hurry to the first restaurant that I can find : a pizzeria. First mistake, I asked a medium size. Don’t do that, ever. I learnt here that the “medium” size for the pizzas are actually a 48-people-size. Argh.

I’m so exhausted, so I go directly to my bed. The next day, I spent all my day to install my appartment : furnitures, luggages… It’s very sunny : 91°F.

So, I’m in my appartment in my residence ! I’ll not tell the administratives procedures, becauses it’s very boring.

IMG_20150610_120646  IMG_20150610_110851

My fridge is empty, time to go to the WalMart. I expected fat guys everywhere, but not ! Where are my stereotypes ? It’s pretty hard to find food without fat, but at least they have Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. Just for that, that’s worth it to go in America, baby.

IMG_20150611_165044  IMG_20150611_090336

When I went out, big surprise : a woman in car offered me to give me a drive to my appartment to help me with my bags. I never saw that in France, wow.

Well, I’m ready now for my first work day tomorrow !

First week : discovering & initiation