Air Balloons Festival

Today I’m gonna talk about the “Air balloons festival” in Marysville. It was the at the first week-end of August, all the afternoon and the evening.

This event is pretty famous, and it’s easy to guess that by the huge traffic-jam to go there, so long that we missed the beginning. It’s $10 to have the access, but we jumped the barrier at the back to go for free because we knew that we wouldn’t stay too long.

That was pretty awesome, there was a very big range of baloons : a whale, a shark, a birthday cake, an ice cream and even Yoda and Vader from Star Wars !


There were a ton of people and a rock band played all the afternoon. There were too a lot of food stands, but we hadn’t cash, and there’s a funny anecdote : the only ATM available was out of the festival, so we told to the food sellor that we lost our tickets, and he said “that’s weird, because there’s no ticket to entry, but wristbands”. Okay, it’s time to run away !

This event is once a year and very beautiful to see, with a good ambience, very friendly. One of the events you shouldn’t miss if you come in Columbus Ohio !

Thank you Cecelia !

Air Balloons Festival

Ethlyl & Tank

Today, I’m not gonna tell you about all the bars I went, but there’s another pretty cool : Ethyl & Tank.

This is another gaming-bar, but older, bigger and with food !

The good point is that the food and the drinks are cheaps, and you have a lot of space (two floors). Like the previous I shew you, this one have old arcade machines too. Some of them was broken but it was cool anyway.

The particularity here is that when you come in group, you can of course order a simple cocktail, but you better order liquor pitchers, so you share your cocktails with your friends, it’s friendly, and they are not commons cocktails.

The two we ordered was the “Bacardi dragon berry, peach shnapps, cranberry, 7UP, sour & grenadine”, and the “Jack Daniels honey, triple sec & pink lemonade” cocktails. I never saw cocktails like that before, and their taste was very special.

Concerning the food, only with the tacos for example, you have a large range of choice, I took a triple tacos : pulled pock, pulled chicken, and catfish tacos ! Yeah I know, I often talk about what I ate / drank during my trip. Maybe you don’t care at all about that, but it’s too late, because you just read it. Eheh.

Thank you Rudy !

Ethlyl & Tank


The Monday of my tenth week, one of my bests American friends said to me “hey, I’ve something very cool to show you!”, it was my first open-area theater experience.

The drama is called “Tecumseh!”, and it’s a freakin’ cool show. It’s about one hour and a half driving from the south of Columbus, in a city with a unpronounceable name : Chillicothe. The story is about the epic life story of the legendary Shawnee leader as he struggles to defend his sacred homelands in the Ohio country during the late 1700’s.

Yeah, it’s not a happy show at all ahah. If I tell you about this drama, it’s because it’s a very unusual way to do a theater play : the company consists of approximatively fifty actors, and the means employed are huge : horses swimming in the lake to escape, fire dance with the indians, military march by the Americans with their rifles, very good actor performances, and amazing fights.

Two hours and a half of pressure with this impressive drama. It’s played since 1973 and many people in Ohio saw it at least one time.

This show is very known in Ohio and tell a part of the history of this state, so if you come in, don’t miss that !

Thank you Andrew !


American Fair

Every summer in the USA, it’s the American Fair ! It’s a very popular tradition, it lasts one week and it’s always in the summer in the main citys of each states. This year, in Columbus, it was from the August 3th, and I came the first day.

To enter, it’s the same procedure than the airport customs : all metallic stuff in baskets and take off your shoes, they are very careful about the safety.

Just one thing to say : awesome. Great atmosphere, very lively, and a lot to do and to see. First thing of this tradition : food, food, and food. Everywhere you walk you find food all around you, and it’s almost always fried : fried cheese, chicken, meat, and even fried cakes ! Pretty good by the way.

Then, you can just walk around to visit and see all the animations. Also, there is a place like the Agricultural Center in France, where you can see raising sheep, cattle and various animals. Another funny thing typical to this custom : the butter sculptures. They’re man-sized so pretty talls, and exposeds behind a glass at 46°F (fridge temperature).

At the sunset you can see all the structures lighted with many colorsn it’s pretty nice. Nice day !

Thank you Cecelia & Eddie !

American Fair

The Old North Arcade

During my trip I went to many bars, but I have to tell you one of my favorites : the Old North Arcade. It was very recent because it opened two weeks before I came in USA, and the concept is very simple : arcades all around the room in totally free play, to drink a beer and enjoy it playing in the classic old games : Mortal Kombat II & III, Centiped, Marvel VS Capcom, Asteroids, and many others.

That was fun to follow the evolution of this new bar, because 1 month later they bought two gamecubes and two Nintendo 64 stuck in the walls and plugged to TVs with Mario Kart and Smash Bros, both in N64 and Gamecube versions.

Even if you come with friends, you can just sit in the table and say “hey, wanna play?”, and let’s go. The drinks wasn’t even expensives, so I just loved to come in this bar. I liked too the funny puns with the cocktails names, like “Ocarina Of Lime”, or “Koopa Libre”. And if you’re a warrior, you can try their “Fatality” hand-crafted bloody mary, with the “Finish Him!” mention.

There was other bars like this one, like the “16 bit Cafe”, so if you want to have a blast, don’t hesitate to visit !

Thank you Tinyacos !

The Old North Arcade

The French Bakery : Some French Culture In USA !

One day, a co-worker said to me : “Hey? What if I show you a French place to eat today? It’s a French Bakery!”.

Do you know what is very known concerning France is US? The bakerys, and that’s why in addition of the French restaurants you can see French bakerys too. That was very fun, for one reason : welcome to “Cliché”  Land!

This place wasn’t French at all, but it was very fun so enter to this palce and see how Americans see us. I just opened the door and I heard : “C’est pas l’homme qui prend la mer, c’est la mer qui prend l’homme, tatatin !”.

“- What, that’s the kind of music you listen in France, no?” Asked my colleague, and in answered “Yeah, but… Not since a very long time…”.

Bottles of wine and “baguette” breads everywhere, youhou! I make fun of this place because it’s funny, but it’s a very nice place and I warmly recommend it. Although the sandwiches wasn’t typically French at all, they was delicious, so if one day you go to the Columbus area in Ohio, don’t miss that! It let you make your own judgement :

The next time I came I heard “Je n’suis paaas, un héééros!”. It’s like I opened the door of the past, it’s very funny.

Thank you Abdy !


The French Bakery : Some French Culture In USA !

PHP dev Meetup – Let’s learn !

Because chillin’ out isn’t the only way to have fun, I thought it could be cool to subscribe to a dev group, and fortunately there was a PHP group (le language which I work), and the principle is simple : one guy of the group submit a proposal to present a mini conference explaining a technology we should know.


Very friendly group, the purpose is to learn something new and interesting around a beer and a pizza. As I was new, they offered me some pizza, so I let you see a picture of it. If you dont want to watch it because you think is uninteresting, I don’t care 🙂


The conference was about Twilio, a PHP technology to take phone calls with HTTP protocol. To sum up very briefly, you can take call to a friend’s phone using a web application, it’s so fun. or your culture, Uber use it for his web and Android application.

At the end of the presentation he showed us a demonstration calling us in our smartphones, without and wth videos. He even offered us freakin’ cool T-thirts.

I really love this way to learn interesting things having cool time, because after we talk about our activity and it can give some cool ideas !

Thank you George !

PHP dev Meetup – Let’s learn !